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Using Satellite Sites to Capture Targeted Traffic

One way to improve niche organic traffic is to create separate websites optimized for one keyword or key phrase. These websites are called ‘satellite sites.’ Their focus is is to market only one particular product or service. The advantage of doing this is that it will not contain irrelevant (or partially) information because these other products or services are already in the main website.

Note: Search engines have updated their ranking algorithms significantly since this article was published. The effectiveness of this technique is unknown as of June 2015.

Sounds like too much work? Start off small. Create a separate directory off your main website. Pick one of your best selling products or services and create a satellite web page. Put in place the necessary practices to optimize that page like keyword proximity, density and how they are related to its meta tag equivalent. Support the text with properly labeled images. Only place information that is directly relevant to that product or service.

Take it one day at a time in perfecting the web page. Add more pages linked to it but make sure they are related. For example, separate pages for different colors or sizes of a product. Once you are ready to copy this to its own domain, do it and make sure that the domain name you select is keyword-heavy. Add this new website to your marketing schedule and keep track of the progress.