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Make SEO An Addictive Habit

If your website is ranking high on the search engine results today, it may not be there tomorrow, next week, or next month. Search engine algorithms change almost every single day to keep cheaters from abusing the system. As a result, honest people like you get penalized for it. To make sure you keep “Ruling Page 1,” you must make search engine optimization a habit.

You must dedicate the time to carry out various SEO activities like checking your rank, increasing your inbound links, market research, optimizing satellite sites, and writing relevant documents. You are already doing market research just by reading this article, so go to your calendar and write down the next time you will do another market research. Commit a time of the day or week to check your rank. Will you be writing articles as a subject matter expert? Schedule these regularly in your calendar. Are you still waiting to be listed on DMOZ? Set a reminder. And finally, commit to it.

The time you spent on SEO activities are well worth the effort especially if the increase of organic traffic is directly related to the increase of your revenue. If you simply do not have the time for this, you can train an assistant, or hire an SEO specialist.