WordPress for Beginners Part 1: How to install WordPress

This is part 1 of 3 of this WordPress for Beginners series. In this first video, we will be introducing you to WordPress and which companies use it. We will also show you the difference between a WordPress.com hosted site and one that you can host yourself. This series will focus on the self-hosted solution. We will also show you how to upload files to your web host using an FTP program.

If you’re new to WordPress, follow this series by hitting the subscribe button, and we will see you in our next video. Thanks for watching.

How to Upload Videos to your Facebook Business Page and Link it to YouTube

In this video I’m going to show you how to:

  1. Upload your video to your Facebook Page
  2. Link it to your YouTube Channel

This is useful if you are trying to promote your YouTube channel, or if you prefer to manage all of your videos on YouTube.

This method is different from copying and pasting a YouTube video which is essentially the same as sharing and there are a few advantages to this, for example:

  1. You can create unique content for your Facebook page. Facebook viewers are more likely to have very short attention spans, whereas YouTube viewers expect to watch longer. So you could create a short version of your YouTube video for consumption in your Facebook page.
  2. Videos uploaded to Facebook will auto play — without audio at first — and this is more effective in capturing views because the preview is moving as opposed to a frozen thumbnail.


Solved: Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address

apache_webserver_logoI would like to share a solution for the apache error: Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address Yesterday, after restarting a client’s web server, I could not connect to their website. So I assumed that apache wasn’t running, so I started it with the normal start command in Ubuntu but was receiving the following error:

# service apache2 start
(98)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address

I checked out my apache conf files including httpd.conf, apache2.conf, ports.conf, and turned off port 80 but after doing that, I received a different error:

# service apache2 start
(98)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address

So I thought that maybe apache was already running and using both port 80 and 443. If it was, it would make a lot of sense why it would hang because my SSL certificate required a password to be entered in interactive mode. So first I had to determine if it really was running in the background. After doing some searches on the web, I found the commands I needed:

# lsof -i -n|grep http

This returned one row showing that http was already running. I made note of the process ID from the second column and killed the process:

# kill 1234

After that, I was able to restart apache again followed by the SSL password prompt. I hope this helps those of you who are having the same problem as I did yesterday.

What is WordPress and Why You Might Consider Converting

What Is WordPress

You’ve finally finished building your website. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to make changes and update your content without you or your staff having to call your web designer or developer every time you need changes made. We offer an economic solution to the problem.

WordPress is an open source content management framework that gives customers access to their web content. We can build your website to your exact specifications, then integrate the WordPress framework to meet your specific content management needs. Even if you have an existing website we can still integrate WordPress. If you already have a website that has been built with WordPress we can customize it to meet your exact requirements.

These are examples of sites were converted for clients from static websites to WordPress custom integrations with no design compromisations necessary:


How Do I Update My Content?

When your website is complete you will be provided with a login location, a user name and a password. The standard login screen will appear like this:



(We can customize this screen to match your company’s branding if desired.)

Once you have logged in you will have access to your pages and articles. You can edit and add new content using the edit window shown in the image below. This provides you with standard word processing style controls and editing features. You can upload and add pictures and other media.



This is WordPress content management at its most basic level and is all you really need to learn to get started in maintaining your own website. Once you are familiar with WordPress, you can take advantage of other features like menus, widgets and plugins that provide additional control of your website, all of which we can integrate on a customized basis to meet your exact content management requirements. We can also provide training and support as needed although you will find that little training is necessary to get going with your site.







A Simple Server ‘Load Average’ Monitor PHP Script

icontexto-message-types-alert-orange_256x256-150x150I have always had to SSH into my web server to check load averages. Today, I created a very simple PHP script that can check the load averages and display it on an HTML page. This has been tested to work in Ubuntu Server 12.04 and PHP 5.3 but with a little bit of tweaking, you should be able to make this work in any *nix-based system.

Additionally, the script can send out an alert via email once the server load reaches a certain level in the past 15 minutes. Once you have setup this up on your page, you can go to any browser to access your server’s load averages and uptime. You can also setup a cron job to run this script every 5 minutes so that you will receive email alerts. Thanks to Lewcy from Webhostingtalk.com for providing the initial code. Enjoy!

// Simple Load Average Monitor for Linux
// April 11, 2013 Deer Creek Enterprise Limited
// http://www.deer-creek.ca
$min_warn_level = 3; // Set to min load average to send alert
$email_recipient = "your@email.com"; // Set to address of alert recipient
$current_reading = @exec('uptime');
preg_match("/averages?: ([0-9\.]+),[\s]+([0-9\.]+),[\s]+([0-9\.]+)/", 
 $current_reading, $averages);
$uptime = explode(' up ', $current_reading);
$uptime = explode(',', $uptime[1]);
$uptime = $uptime[0].', ' . $uptime[1];
$data = "Server Load Averages $averages[1], $averages[2], $averages[3]\n";
$data .= "Server Uptime $uptime";
if ($averages[3] > $min_warn_level ) {
 $subject = "Alert: Load average is over $min_warn_level";
 mail($email_recipient, $subject, $data);
echo $data;

Changes were done quickly with no hassle…

Michael Bernardo, owner of Deer Creek Enterprises, is a wonderful person to deal with. He did my website with a minimum amount of input from me. I supplied the type and photographs, which Michael turned into my website most effectively. Any changes I requested were done quickly and there was no hassle. Michael explained why he did things which left me with a better understanding of how websites and search engines work.

All-in-all a most welcome experience, from a very professional service provider. If you want to see an example of what Michael can do, visit my website www.walkthisway.ca. The cost was also very reasonable. I would highly recommend Michael and Deer Creek Enterprise to anyone looking for a full service web development company. ALL THE BEST!!!!!

Brian Stilson
Walk This Way Dog Walking and Pet Services · Pickering, ON


Cares about how and when things get done…

Having had the pleasure of meeting Michael, then discussing business details for creating a new website for my business, eventually led to a well founded friendship and business professional. Michael is one of those unique individuals with a strong sense of integrity and pride. He cares about how things get done and when they get done.

Open minded with his creative skills and clear vision, Michael will meet any challenge head on and complete the task on time with an element of trust that is second to none. I look forward to working with Michael again and will recommend his website design services in a heartbeat!

Wayne Couvier
Video Vision · Oshawa, Ontario


A pleasure from the first contact…

I wanted let you know how pleased I am with your company. I recently opened my own business and knew that an important element of marketing my business is to have a web presence. I am not a technical person, nor do I have much experience with the web (other than surfing). I had no idea what I wanted or needed, other than ‘a website’.

My experience with your company was a pleasure from the first contact. You were instrumental in helping me to establish what my needs were in order to build a website that would be the right tool for my business. Your professionalism was evident from the beginning. You were always prompt in replying to my emails and/or phone calls, you set and strictly adhered to deadlines and constantly supported me throughout the process. You assisted me in learning more about browsers, using the web and showed me how to manage content on my website so that I could be more self-sufficient. I am very happy with the quality of the website and the customer service you provide is top notch, I would highly recommend you to other small business owners.

Jo-Ann Morin, B.A., R.H.N.
Food 4 Thought Nutrition · Whitby, ON

Got a lot of positive comments from my clients…

Simple but attractive, that’s how Deer Creek designed my business website. Since its conception in 2006, my website got a lot of positive comments from my clients and friends. It is indeed a great help in all my business dealings. Good luck and more power to Deer Creek Enterprise!

Jo Acuna
Sunrise Placement Services · Brampton, ON


Professional at all times…

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the great job you did updating our company’s electronic template. I appreciated your prompt response to my inquiry, as well as your ongoing communication about my requirements, and quick completion of the project. Your price was fair and you were professional at all times. I won’t hesitate to recommend your design services.

Bev Mawhinney
Essential Communications Ltd. · Whitby, ON


A treat to have someone who actually listened…

Just thought I’d drop you a line to say thank you for the amazing job you have done on my website it was a pleasure dealing with someone as professional as you, I was not looking forward to the ordeal of web design; but you made it such a nice experience for me, listening to what I wanted and giving me some great ideas to make it easy for me; such a treat to have someone who actually listened to me.

George Walker
Dovetail Carpentry · Whitby, ON


We confidently recommend them to others…

When our company was looking for someone to coordinate the development of a complex software program for use in the nursing home sector, we were referred to Deer Creek Enterprise. The project required commitment, integrity, and honesty, as well as the ability to handle multiple tasks and hold suppliers accountable.

Working with Deer Creek has served to confirm that they live these qualities, and demonstrate the necessary skills and abilities to successfully complete the required work. Deer Creek has been rigorous in their attention to detail, ensuring that the quality of their work was held to the highest standards. We came to appreciate that as they extended their resources in order to realize the success of the project, we were able to trust their judgement and requests. We intend to continue to employ Deer Creek’s services for ongoing project development in the future, and we confidently recommend them to others looking for the personal and professional qualities they exemplify.

Ron Martyn
Silver Meridian · Whitby, ON

Efficient and willing to go that extra mile…

I had the pleasure of working with Michael Bernardo as a client through his company Deer Creek Enterprise and the privilege of working with him on a community project for The Denise House, a women’s shelter in Oshawa. Michael cultivates openness to contributions from others, builds on ideas, and shares knowledge to meet community needs. He is organized, efficient and willing to go that extra mile.

Ann Marie MacDonald
Strategic Catalysts @ Work · Courtice, ON


A new site in 3 days…

Michael helped out my company when my long time web provider failed me, Being an ecommerce site, anytime the site is down it means lost revenue, Michael had a new site in 3 days! Thanks again.

Flavio Inzirillo
Advanced Reef Aquatics · Toronto, ON


They’ve always come through…

I’ve challenged Deer Creek time and time again to come up with solutions and they’ve always come through. They make themselves available 24/7 and never tell you that something cannot be done. They always and I mean always find a solution. What more could you want. I’ve put my trust in them and they have not let me down.

Paul Landry
Look So Real Fashion Jewelry · Oshawa, ON

Far exceeded my expectations…

It was a real pleasure in working with Deer Creek! This was my first experience in creating a website and Michael and his staff were always very professional and helpful during this process. They went on to create a website which far exceeded my expectations. I’m very happy I chose Deer Creek as my website designers and I would highly recommend them, in fact I already have!

Ken Kukay
CopperRidge Property Management · Uxbridge, ON