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How To Use Images in Your Web Pages for SEO

Images make your web pages more appealing, directs the reader’s attention to the content, and holds your reader’s attention longer. You can use the following tips to take advantage of images in your web site, and at the same time, improve your search engine rankings.

Images should be used to support the text in your web pages. In articles, an image that is related to the content can make the user curious to find out more about the article. Avoid misleading your readers. Don’t put images unrelated to the content just to get their attention.

Use ALT and TITLE attributes and use text that can promote your product or service. TITLE attributes appear when a user mouse over an image, and it adds density to your keywords. The example image below shows good use of a TITLE attribute. Mouse over it to see it.


Name your image files using keyword-heavy filenames. The example above should be named “almond-sprinkled-muffin-on-white-saucer-deer-creek-enterprise.jpg.” Use hyphens (-) instead of underscores (_) when naming the file. Again, use it to promote your company, product, or services.

When you have free time, participate in the Google Image Labeler. It will help Google improve the relevance of image search results so that you and other Google users can quickly and easily find the results they are looking for.