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Avoid Using Pop-up Windows

I hate pop-up windows and I know a lot of people who share the same sentiment. Even browsers are aware of this and automatically block pop-up windows. The only reason a why site would have pop-ups is because the site owner is thinking of his/her own interests rather than the readers. We all know that when we are browsing, most of us hate pop-up windows. Why is it that suddenly when we switch places and become the site owner, we lose our ability to see through the users’ eyes. Let us remember to put ourselves in their shoes.

Pop quiz: Which of these reactions to pop-up windows is a visitor more likely to have?

(a) “Oh wow! A popup window! I love sites with popups! I will make certain to bookmark this site and visit often. I will also certainly click the ad or links in the popup because I love them so much.”

(b) “@#&$! Whoever made this website obviously has no respect for me as a visitor. When I leave here I will never come back.”

Pop-ups should be used sparingly and only when necessary. For example, if your website requires a user to enter additional information before downloading a file from your website. Another example is if you need to control an element on a web page and the only way to do it is by opening a pop-up window. In both of these cases, the pop-up window must automatically close. I hate having to close 10 pop-up windows  after visiting a web site.

Only use pop-up windows if it adds value to the user’s experience. Having these on your website is one sure way to drive traffic away.